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MU Hard | Máx 1 Rebirt | Season 2 | Play2Win | BotSystem

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MU Hard | Máx 1 Rebirt | Season 2 | Play2Win | BotSystem

Open: 13/08 21H00 - BRAZILIAN TIME.

Server is online for testing.

Website: www.muhard.online



Server Version Season 2
Experience 100x ~ 10x
Drop 40%
Drop Zen 30%
Máx 1 Rebirth - 300 Points
Max Account Login 3 per hardware ID

Open Store by Jewel hot!
Offline Store hot!
Automatic Attack hot!
Offline Attack hot!
No sale of items.

Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Castle Siege
Battle Soccer
Loren Deep
Golden Invasion
White Wizard Invasion
Red Dragon Invasion
Skeleton King Invasion
Gorgon Invasion
Ice Queen Invasion
Bali Invasion
Balrog Invasion
Hydra Invasion
Erohim Invasion
Zaikan Invasion
Hell Maine Invasion
Kundun Invasion

/rebirth Reset your character.
/post [message] Sends a message to the whole server.
/str [points] Adds points to Strength.
/agi [points] Adds points to Agility.
/vit [points] Adds points to Life.
/ene [points] Adds points to Energy.
/cmd [points] Adds points to Command.
/store Open store itens.
/offstore Open store itens offline.
/offattack Attack offline game. Limit: 12hour .
/pack [namejewel[ [quanty] ex:/pack bless 60 Pack Jewels - Limit 160.
/unpack Part Jewels.
/ware 0 Extra warehouse - Limit: 4.
/dcfriend [Nick] [Password] Disconnect offline account.
/re [on/off] Enable / disable requests in-game.
/re [on/off] Enable / disable requests in-game.
/re auto Enable / disable requests automaticin-game.


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